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About this month's photo:

Workplaces need nurturing to help employees and employers thrive.   Consider our workplace wellness solutions.

Last month's photo related to climate change is an urgent global issue.  Mediation, dialogue and other interventions efforts can be used to encourage parties to initiate dialogue, prevent and resolve conflict relating to the effects of climate change and other environmental issues.

Proud to celebrate our 14th anniversary as one of York Region's largest mediation and conflict resolution service providers.  

York Region's full service dispute resolution centre.

York Mediation is a Greater Toronto Area Centre for family, workplace, human rights, civil and commercial mediation and training.  Our Richmond Hill office is centrally located and is ideal for businesses, families, boards, and government agencies to access neutral mediators and facilitators in York Region.

Our commitment is to provide professional mediation and dispute resolution services for families facing separation and divorce or elder care issues, for employees and employers for intra-organizational workplace mediation and facilitation needs, for Boards and executive management issues, and other matters.

We provide mediation and conflict resolution training, mediation mentorship programs, and corporate consultancy services for dispute resolution.

We only choose the best, and most highly experienced mediators to serve on our panel.  To inquire about our panel of mediators, please contact us.

Contact us for a free telephone consult with one of our mediators:

(905) 787-2010