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Workplace Mediation and Facilitation Services 

The York Region Workplace Mediation and Training Roster provides specialized and professional mediation services for healthier, more collaborative workplaces.

Workplace mediation is a safe, voluntary, and confidential process aimed at attempting to resolve conflict in the workplace.  A neutral trained mediator will facilitate a process aimed at dispute or issue resolution, improved communication and workplace relations, decreased stress and will help parties and employers establish guidelines for interpersonal and environmental workplace factors.  The mediator does not make decisions or render judgments.  Participants will have an opportunity to speak and communicate with each other (where appropriate), understand and identify issues that require resolution, identify possible solutions, and if all parties agree- to draft a non-legally binding understanding.

Mediation often results in healthier, more collaborative work environments, and can reduce the occurence of conflict and conflict related ligitation.

Mediators can assist organizations, employees and HR managers in the following capacities:

  • Mediation of disputes such as personal harassment, employee-direct supervisor issues, performance reviews, environmental and workspace complaints
  • Human rights and workplace wellness disputes or issues
  • Mediation of municipal matters, including by-law infractions, re-appropriation of land, community and election issues
  • Front-line workers and client satisfaction issues
  • Health care service issues or disputes
  • School board or educational issues or disputes
  • Environmental mediation
  • Real estate, construction and condominium disputes

Other services that can be offered by roster mediators:

  • Formulating and implementing a conflict resolution process within the organization
  • Ensuring privacy and confidentiality considerations with workplace disputes
  • Creating an environment of communication

About our workplace solutions for conflict management and dispute resolution.